We all come from the same place, the First World. Men, Elves, Dwarves and ….others. But ages past, our first home was decimated by evil in one of it’s purest forms and we were scattered. The Five Great Mages opened The Gates to other worlds and we fled there, in mixed groups, a great Exodus, carrying the combined knowledge of each race, both practical and magical, so that none would be lost and all would be remembered.
The Gates closed behind us so that the Cataclysm could not follow us to our new homes. This planet, became our new world, Eonath. Settlements became towns, and towns became cities. Time past, and contact between the other Exodus Worlds and ours became more and more difficult, finally ceasing altogether at the end of the First Era.
More time slipped by. The First Technological Epoch ended with the Ascendent Wars and the near destruction of the Mekaniks Guild and all its members. This ushered in the Era of Magiks Ascendent and the second crisis brought on by the Planar Wars. This saw the resurgence of the Mekaniks Guild and it’s alliance with the Mages Hall in order to bring an end to the Planar Wars. The Era of Magiks Ascendent ended and the Second Technological Epoch began.

It is the year 2713, and the search for the other Exodus Worlds has taken on a new life and a renewed importance. This is because after hundreds of years, we finally found one.

Exodus Worlds